7 Cool Ideas For Decluttering Your Kitchen7 Cool Ideas For Decluttering Your Kitchen

7 Cool Ideas For Decluttering Your Kitchen

Creative organization solutions for your pantry, cookware and counters

Coolaroo: Not Your Grandparent’s Patio UmbrellaCoolaroo: Not Your Grandparent’s Patio Umbrella

Coolaroo: Not Your Grandparent’s Patio Umbrella

Modern art + backyard sun protection

10 Cool Ideas For Creating Nature-Themed Bathrooms10 Cool Ideas For Creating Nature-Themed Bathrooms

10 Cool Ideas For Creating Nature-Themed Bathrooms

From outdoor bathtubs to moss bath mats

Skateboard StrollersSkateboard Strollers

Skateboard Strollers

Kid-friendly scooting on the Longboard Stroller, Sidekick Stroller Board

Vienna’s Public Hammock HouseVienna’s Public Hammock House

Vienna’s Public Hammock House

Kick back at the Flederhaus

5 MORE Cool Outdoor Lights5 MORE Cool Outdoor Lights

5 MORE Cool Outdoor Lights

Cool lamps for the patio and backyard

The Cute, Pre-Fab BunkieThe Cute, Pre-Fab Bunkie

The Cute, Pre-Fab Bunkie

What happens when an architect and furniture maker collaborate?

Kids Furniture That Grows UpKids Furniture That Grows Up

Kids Furniture That Grows Up

Transforming beds, chairs and desks

7 Cool Ideas For Decluttering Your Kitchen
spot cool stuff DESIGN

Chances are there’s a cabinet in your kitchen where your pots and pans (and who knows what else) are all jumbled in together.

More than any other room in a house, the kitchen has a way of getting completely disorganized. Besides being many people’s most used living space, the kitchen also contains more individual pieces of stuff than any other room. Fortunately, by developing well-designed storage options and making optimum use of space you can keep clutter from taking over your kitchen. Here’s a look at seven specific suggestions:

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Coolaroo: Not Your Grandparent’s Patio Umbrella

Life under a Coolaroo is cool in more ways than one

Sometimes exterior design calls for subtlety. Sometimes boldness is required. For those latter occasions there are the Coolaroo Shade Sails.

Coolaroo shade sails are not your grandparent’s patio umbrella. They look bolder than that, brightly colored in square and triangle shapes. It’s remarkable how one lone shade sail can lend an outdoor space a contemporary touch. String up a group of shade sails — like in the photo, below — and you can transform a space into something you’d expect to find at a modern art museum.

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10 Cool Ideas For Creating Nature-Themed Bathrooms

When nature calls at home, most of us head into a room — devoid of nature. The typical bathroom is all tiles, paint and glass. But it needn’t be. Placing potted plants around your shower enclosure or a vase of flowers by your sink can add a touch of nature to almost any bathroom. Or, you could do something more extreme. Here’s a look at ten remodeling ideas for bringing nature to a bathroom. Or, in some cases, bringing a bathroom out into nature:

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Skateboard Strollers

One of our favorite pieces of luggage is the Samsonite Micro Suitcase Scooter — it’s a regular-looking wheeled carry-on with a built-in skateboard. Flip the skateboard down your bag will scoot you around the airport!

The Suitecase Scooter made us wonder what other products have been combined with skateboards. One surprising such product we found: baby strollers!

Two stroller-skateboard hybrids especially stood out to us. One, the Longboard Stroller from Quinny, is still in the concept phase. The other, the Sidekick Stroller Board from Orbit Baby, is available for purchase today. Spot Cool Stuff takes a look at each:

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Vienna’s Public Hammock House
spot cool stuff DESIGN

Cool hammocks are more associated with Caribbean beaches and backyard swimming pools than they are the stuff of urban northern European. Yet it is in the middle of Vienna, in the Austrian capital’s Museum Quarter, that you’ll find the Flederhaus. The five-story public structure is like a sort of hammock village under one roof.

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