5 MORE Cool Outdoor Lights
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No fairies are harmed in the production of Fairy Berries.

Previously, Spot Cool Stuff reviewed five creative lights and lamps designed for outdoor use. With warm summer nights once again drawing us outside for patio dinners and into the backyard for late night hanging out, we thought we’d share five more outdoor lights we like. Each offers some degree of weather-proofing. Each is also, in it’s own way, cool:

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3 Creative Materials for Making Your Own Chairs

Looking to construct a home chair using reclaimed materials? Three things you’ll need:

1) The proper equipment. If you don’t have that already you can hire tools here.

2) A sufficient quality of whatever material you are working in.

3) Inspiration.

To help out with the third item on that list, we’ve found three examples of chairs made from upcycled materials: skis, jeans and traffic signs.

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5 Cool Outdoor Lamps & Lights

The effect the lamp creates is stunning. Sadly, its price tag is stunning in an altogether different way.

Bringing lamps and lights outdoors after the sun goes down can bring a festive atmosphere to a dark patio and a touch of magic to hidden garden. Here’s our look at five outdoor lamps and lighten systems. Some are expensive and some are high value, but all of them, we think, are very cool looking.

Also, if you like these check out our new post on 5 more cool outdoor laps and lights.

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Meet the Next Generation of LED Light Bulbs
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Consumers are currently accustomed to seeing LEDs as the prime components of modern flashlights and Christmas tree lighting. But heretofore only specialty lamps have produced light from light-emitting diodes.

That will be changing over the next few months. LED light bulbs are coming to a lamp near you. An array of companies are launching LED bulbs that will fit into regular light sockets. And, unlike previously marketed LED retrofit bulbs, these will produce a light in the same color temperature range as incandescent blubs, 2,700K to 3,000K.

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3 Luscious Lumens Lights

The Femme Fatale Pendant is the Rorschach test of cool lighting.

Lumens is our favorite source for modern lighting. The online store has all manner of high-end designer lights. They are also have hot deals on cool lights up to 40% off the retail price.

Here are three of our favorite lights at Lumens:

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One Lamp. 1,607,045 Options.

Looking for a contemporary lamp but can’t find one with the ideal pattern of colors? Customize your own lamp creation at Inhabit.

The intuitive Inhabit Builtby online lamp builder makes the creation process easy. (See the screen shot after the jump.)

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Fireplace In A Box

When sitting closed on a table the Firebo-x from Schulte looks like an elegant, yet otherwise ordinary, wooden box. Only the box’s metal base hints at what lays within: a miniature fireplace.

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Light Emitting Wallpaper

There are two cool things about the wallpaper from Dutch designer Jonas Samson:

First, when it is turned off it looks like normal wallpaper — stylish and sophisticated, with flowing floral patterns, but otherwise normal.

Second, this is the sort of wallpaper you can predicate with the phrase “when it is turned off.” When it is turned on light appears from behind the wallpaper as if by magic. The sensation it gives to a room is truly transforming. See more photos below:


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