Install a Hidden Door To Your House

Install a Hidden Door To Your House

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Spot Cool Stuff has written before about installing hidden doors inside your home — secret passageways from one room to another. But hidden doors can also also be on the outside of a house. And, as the video below shows, they aren’t necessarily that difficult to install. The key is to blend the look of the door in with the house with some secret means of opening it.

In this particular case, the door is opened using a remote control.

Some of the materials used to build this door include:

  • A standard fiberglass exterior door.
  • Red cedar (which won’t rot and is lighter than pressure treated wood). Three 2x4s, ripped to 3″ to form a frame to offset the siding. Those are mounted to the door using 3″ lag screws and fender washers.
  • HardiPlank siding.
  • A Morning Industry keypad and remote deadbolt.
  • A Ball Catch to hold the door shut without needing a turn-able doorknob.
  • Two Richelieu 1-1/2-in x 1-1/2-in satin nickel surface cabinet hinges.
  • A hose bib — used as as the exterior door handle; no working plumbing is connected to it.
  • An Interior doorknob — used for pulling the door open but doesn’t actually latch.

published: 19 Feb 2013


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