Have Wood Burning Spa Will Travel

Spot Cool Stuff adores glamping travel. Glamorous camping can get you out into a natural environment in the same way tent camping does. But it combines that with touches of luxury like you might find at a high-end hotel. After spending much of our youth backpacking on a rock-bottom budget, we think we’ve earned a bit of luxury.

Much of what we write about glamping on this travel blog concerns resorts that combine aspects of roughing it with aspects of being pampered. (Our review of these 5 especially wondering glamping spots is a good place to start reading about those). We also appreciate products that let travelers create their own glamping experience. Our favorite of those might be this:

The Dutchtub.

It’s like a personal hot-springs-to-go. If you have a tub-sized patch of flat ground, wood and 200 gallons (750 liters) worth of water or snow you can have your own spa virtually anywhere.

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10 Cool Sushi Products
You Can’t Eat

Any self-respecting sushi chef will tell you: Presentation is as important as taste to a superior sushi dish. That’s because sushi, in addition to being delicious, can also be artistic.

Here’s a look at some household items with a sushi design. None of these items are edible. But, if you are a fan of sushi, they will make you hungry:

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6 Cool, Clear Bathtubs
spot cool stuff DESIGN

It requires a certain personality type to have a see-through bathtub at home. Even if you always take your baths in total privacy there’s something about a transparent tub that says I don’t mind people seeing every part of me from all angles.

Those who can pull off a clear tub will almost certainly get a cool bathroom as a result. Not only do clear tubs convey a distinctively modern look they also help make a bathroom look larger and more open.

Here are six of Spot Cool Stuff’s favorite see-through bathtubs:

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9 Cool Home Aquariums

If your Fish Highway is not firmly secured you'll find yourself in a wet room having sushi for dinner.

Why does nearly every home aquarium have a simple round or rectangular design? As with chairs and lamps, aquariums are furnishings that can take on a variety of styles and shapes. Here are nine cool expamples:

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Read And Roll
spot cool stuff DESIGN

In the United States, reading and toilets go together like, well, toilet paper and toilets. The average American spends nearly 41 hours a year reading on the toilet. We couldn’t find statistics for toilet reading in other countries, but it must be an international phenomena because best designed combination toilet-paper-holder-and-magazine-rack we’ve spotted comes not from the U.S.A. but from Turkey.

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Cool Websites For Home Remodeling & Redecoration

Home remodeling and decoration has been part of owning a house for as long as there have been houses to own. (Even back in the caveman days we can imagine Mrs. Caveman working to remodel the fire pit area while Mr. Caveman sought to improve his spear storage area.) In today’s real estate market fixing up a current home is an especially desirable option when compared to the difficulties of selling your house and buying a new one.

Here are our favorite websites for finding a contractor, finding home remodeling inspiration and finding new home furnishings:

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High Design For The Lowly Waste Bin
spot cool stuff DESIGN

Trash can. Rubbish bin. Waste paper basket. Whatever moniker you use it would take quite an ingenious design for that thing you discard used tissues and old toothpaste tubes into to win a prestigious gold medal at the International Design Excellence Awards. Yet that’s exactly what Eva Solo managed with either Eva Solo Bin.

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The High Design Fukasawa Humidifier

We remember humidifiers from our childhood as those bulky, loud, ugly things over in the corner. There was perhaps no household appliance more in need of a design makeover. And there is perhaps no designer more up to the task than Naoto Fukasawa, a designer with over 40 awards whose work is widely credited with inspiring the best of Apple’s designs. So now your children can have as their humidifier a piece of elegant artwork on a self or bedside table. The Fukasawa Humidifier runs extremely quietly and has the option of adding aromas to the water vapor. It is sold almost exclusively in Japan, but thanks to the folks at the Japan Trend Shop it is available in Europe and North America too. US$319


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