Skateboard Strollers

One of our favorite pieces of luggage is the Samsonite Micro Suitcase Scooter — it’s a regular-looking wheeled carry-on with a built-in skateboard. Flip the skateboard down your bag will scoot you around the airport!

The Suitecase Scooter made us wonder what other products have been combined with skateboards. One surprising such product we found: baby strollers!

Two stroller-skateboard hybrids especially stood out to us. One, the Longboard Stroller from Quinny, is still in the concept phase. The other, the Sidekick Stroller Board from Orbit Baby, is available for purchase today. Spot Cool Stuff takes a look at each:

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Kids Furniture That Grows Up

Mazel tov on your expected first born child. Now comes the first fun part of being a parent — coming up with the perfect baby name — and the first expensive and time consuming part — buying all the stuff you’ll need for when little Terwilliger enters the world.

Picking out baby furniture can be especially daunting. Much of it is as expensive as adult furniture. Except, unlike a quality sofa or bed, you can’t enjoy baby furniture for long before your little one outgrows it.

Or maybe you can. Some baby furniture is designed to grow with your child from baby, to toddler, to kiddo and even into the tween years and beyond. Here’s our review of five especially cool examples:

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Hidden Animal Bowls & Tea Cups

Spot Cool Stuff previously reviewed three unusual and creative cereal bowls for kids. The idea in that review was to feature bowls that were affordable, unbreakable and fun. Hidden Animal Bowls fell miserably short of that first criteria and failed to meet the second. But, oh, how they excel at the third. Each bowl has an animal shape that appears when filled with liquid. But if you find that the price tag puts you off—and it will—then check out some alternative Hidden Animal Tea Cups.

More on both, below:

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7 Cool, Creative Playgrounds

Kids crawl into the enormous play net—and parents wonder whether they'll ever see them again

Spot Cool Stuff’s inner child is still very active. Readers have probably noticed that from all our reviews of cool toys and family travel destinations that may appeal equally to adults and kids. So no wonder that we are also fans of playgrounds.

The world is, thankfully, full of creative, well-conceived plays for kids to safely play. Here’s a look at seven of our favorites:

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Fun Drawer Sets for Kids

With respect to the philosophy held by those tiger mothers amongst our readers, childhood should be fun. Kids’ bedrooms should be fun too. Here are three unusual and creative dressers spotted by our editors:

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3 High-Design Cereal Bowls
For Kids

Toddlers eating cereal is a messy, often wet, affair. Bowls get dropped. Milk gets spilt. Cereal goes flying.

Here are three bowls that won’t break, might help your kids contain the mess and will always look cool:

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Become a LEGO Architect

Spot Cool Stuff admits to being a LEGO purist. We like the basic plastic interlocking LEGO bricks that haven’t changed much since 1958, the ones that can be built into virtually any construction that can be imagined. We generally aren’t as big fans of many of the LEGO model sets (the trains series being a big exception) because their pieces can really only be used to build a specific shape, or specific plane or specific whatever. So it was with some surprise to us how great we found the LEGO’s newest series: LEGO Architecture.

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