Airplane Meal Service Trolleys
Land As Artsy Home Furnishings

Spot Cool Stuff previously wrote about an airline that was selling it’s in-flight meals in local grocery stores. But if that doesn’t sufficiently bring the airplane cuisine experience to your home, consider getting an artsy airline food cart from Bordbar.

Bordbar trolleys are, at their core, like those meal service carts used by airline flight attendants (on the dwindling number of flights that still have some semblance meal service). But Bordbar spruced them up in such a way that they are not only cool, but useful too.

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5 Octopus Chairs

Octopi have three hearts. They change colors to show emotion. (When they’re red they’re happy, white they’re scared). They are able to use tools, build structures, commit what they’ve learned to long term memory and are otherwise remarkably intelligent, that despite only 30% of their neurons being located in their brains—the remainder are in their tentacles.

So what does all that have to do with this post? Not much. It’s all just part of the extra service Spot Cool Stuff provides when presenting our readers with these five cool chairs with designs inspired by our favorite invertebrate.

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Shopping Cart Furniture

If architects can construct entire apartment buildings from used shipping containers and Thai monks can build a temple from discarded beer bottles then why can’t an artist create furniture from old shopping carts?

That perhaps is what self-described cross-media visual designer Ramón Coronado asked when he spent 12 weeks at his Los Angeles home creating his Mercado Negro collection.

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Elegant Bookshelves for the Nomadic

Spot Cool Stuff loves the high design simplicity. Which is exactly why we like the Swedese Libri bookshelf system.

And we aren’t the only fans of these bookshelves—the Swedese Libri won the Best New Product Design award at the 2008 Stockholm Furniture Fair.

What’s so cool about the Swedese Libri?

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The Hoverit Levitating Lounger

What do you get when Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder in the first Star Wars movie and Marty McFly’s futuristic hoverboard in Back To The Future 2 are your inspiration for designing a chair?

You get The Lounger from the British company Hoverit.

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The Inverted Office Cubicle

Designers are finally starting to come around to the idea that a work cubicle can be more than a desk and three bland walls. A cubicle needn’t be the drab workplace that imprisoned the protagonists of Office Space and Dilbert. To wit: the Workflow “inverted office cubicle” from the multidisciplinary Swedish design studio o4i.

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The Interactive Pod Beds
That Know Who You Are

Imagine a network of interactive multimedia beds—located in hotels and airport lounges around the world—that would automatically know your favorite music, your travel schedule and your television preferences.

Creating that network is the ambitious goal of Yoo-Pod Ltd. and their Somnus-Neu project, named after the ancient Roman god of sleep but billed as “the future of beds.” And with all of these beds’ high tech features it is easy to see why.

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The Multimedia Chaise Lounge

On any chaise lounge you can watch television. The Wave Chaise lounge is a television.

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