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Have Wood Burning Spa Will Travel

Spot Cool Stuff adores glamping travel. Glamorous camping can get you out into a natural environment in the same way tent camping does. But it combines that with touches of luxury like you might find at a high-end hotel. After spending much of our youth backpacking on a rock-bottom budget, we think we’ve earned a bit of luxury.

Much of what we write about glamping on this travel blog concerns resorts that combine aspects of roughing it with aspects of being pampered. (Our review of these 5 especially wondering glamping spots is a good place to start reading about those). We also appreciate products that let travelers create their own glamping experience. Our favorite of those might be this:

The Dutchtub.

It’s like a personal hot-springs-to-go. If you have a tub-sized patch of flat ground, wood and 200 gallons (750 liters) worth of water or snow you can have your own spa virtually anywhere.

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Geek Furniture

Once tasked with delivering messages for the Rebel Alliance, R2-D2 has been reduced to holding up your butt as, literally, a piece of lawn furniture.

Spot Cool Stuff previously reviewed 10 creative pieces of jewelry geeks will love. If are thusly geek-inclined but looking for less of a personal accessory and more for something around-the-house, consider one of these five pieces of geek-friendly furniture. Each was inspired by a video game or a science fiction movie:

Amazing Things!

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3 Creative Materials for Making Your Own Chairs

Looking to construct a home chair using reclaimed materials? Three things you’ll need:

1) The proper equipment. If you don’t have that already you can hire tools here.

2) A sufficient quality of whatever material you are working in.

3) Inspiration.

To help out with the third item on that list, we’ve found three examples of chairs made from upcycled materials: skis, jeans and traffic signs.

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Musical Furniture

If you have kids who incessantly bang on whatever pots, pans, books, bowls, saucers, spoons and sibling’s heads they can get their hands on, the last thing you need is a furniture that’s designed to double as musical instrument. But if your home is in need a certain melodic touch, the furniture from Musical Furnishings is very cool.

Every item from Musical Furnishings is meant to be enjoyed as a bone fide musical instrument; all manner of tunes, from simple songs to complex scores, can be played on them. At the same time, each item serves as a useable piece of furniture. Your can eat on the musical tables (the tripled-layered polyurathane finish is resistant to spills), sit on the musical chairs and store stuff in the musical chests.

There’s a variety of Musical Furnishings items to choose from. A look at our favorites:

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Balu Outdoor Bed

We are surprised at how often a gorgeous (and expensive) home pool is cluttered by a plastic (and cheap) lounge chair. For an elegant lounger to have pool side — or in the garden or out on the lawn — there’s the Balu bed, part of Mazuvo’s woven furniture line. The Balu comes with weatherproof fabric, washable pillows and a natural looking plastic mesh construction that makes it durable enough to keep outdoors for prolonged periods of time.


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Spaghetti Wall Bench

The humble bench has become cool with this fabulous design. Artist Pablo Reinoso started with a regular bench and then extended the boards out to one side creating the illusion of wet paint dripping over the edge and then crawling up onto a wall. Reinoso regularly shows his work at galleries around Europe. Click here for the his exhibit details and see below for more photos.


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Sushi Daybed

Look cool both indoors and outdoors while napping on your Sushi Daybed from Vivavi. Made of hand-woven water hyacinth (a fiber from Asia) wrapped tightly around a durable rattan, this bed can live out on your patio or accent an interior room. Available with either a cotton or Polyurethane plastic cushion.


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Spoon Lounge

Sure, it looks cool. It also looks like it might be fragile and uncomfortable. It is neither! The spoon lounge from Vivavi is manufactured from soft vines, firm on the back but with enough give to feel luxurious. The vines themselves ares wrapped around steel wiring. The Spoon Lounge is one long-lasting piece for your home. And like everything Vivavi sells it is eco-friendly.


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