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The Bicycle Chain Wall Clock

Could you build a clock out of a nob, a single-gear motor and a bicycle chain?

That might seem like an impossible challenge of the sort only MacGyver could accomplish. Yet that’s exact what Andreas Dober managed with the Catena Wall Clock.

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Elegant Bookshelves for the Nomadic

Spot Cool Stuff loves the high design simplicity. Which is exactly why we like the Swedese Libri bookshelf system.

And we aren’t the only fans of these bookshelves—the Swedese Libri won the Best New Product Design award at the 2008 Stockholm Furniture Fair.

What’s so cool about the Swedese Libri?

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The Hoverit Levitating Lounger

What do you get when Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder in the first Star Wars movie and Marty McFly’s futuristic hoverboard in Back To The Future 2 are your inspiration for designing a chair?

You get The Lounger from the British company Hoverit.

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Cool Websites For Home Remodeling & Redecoration

Home remodeling and decoration has been part of owning a house for as long as there have been houses to own. (Even back in the caveman days we can imagine Mrs. Caveman working to remodel the fire pit area while Mr. Caveman sought to improve his spear storage area.) In today’s real estate market fixing up a current home is an especially desirable option when compared to the difficulties of selling your house and buying a new one.

Here are our favorite websites for finding a contractor, finding home remodeling inspiration and finding new home furnishings:

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One Lamp. 1,607,045 Options.

Looking for a contemporary lamp but can’t find one with the ideal pattern of colors? Customize your own lamp creation at Inhabit.

The intuitive Inhabit Builtby online lamp builder makes the creation process easy. (See the screen shot after the jump.)

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Wallpaper In 3D

It looks more contemporary than wallpaper. It’s much easier to put up than wallpaper. It has 50% more dimensions than wallpaper. It is the Wall Flat from Inhabit.

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Elastic Bookshelves

As a school kid we used to play with rubber bands when bored in class. We like to imagine the Italian designer who thought of the Elastico Bookcase playing with rubber bands too and then getting a simple, inspired, idea:

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The Sofa of Confluence

Numerous sofas look like they are one piece of furniture while, in fact, dividing into several pieces. Now there’s a sofa that is the opposite.

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