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8 Cool Gifts (Under $50)
For Photographers

People who love photography tend to really love photography. They also tend to already have all the cameras, lenses and bags they need (or can afford). So here are 8 relatively inexpensive gifts that the photographer on your gift list is likely to appreciate and not already have. Of course, you should feel free to give any (or all?) these to yourself too.

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Green Thumb? Try Growing Jewelry
spot cool stuff DESIGN

With the rings from the Growing Jewelry collection you’ll need a green thumb to keep green on your finger. That’s because Growing Jewelry rings, handcrafted by Iceland-based designer Hafsteinn Juliusson, are topped with real living Icelandic moss!

Think Chia-pet-meets-couture-jewelry.

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Barefoot Running Shoes
spot cool stuff DESIGN

Question: What’s the single best designed piece of running equipment?

Answer: It’s a pair of gear you already own—your bare feet.

Most running shoes, it turns out, do more harm than good. The problem is that these shoes are designed to “protect” your feet in a way that they weren’t meant to be. When encased in an excessively built-up running shoe the muscles, tendons and ligaments of your lower extremities will atrophy. That’s because your shoes are doing the work that your legs and feet should be doing.

The other problem with running shoes is that they encourage you to run with the wrong form. Your body is designed to run on the ball and forefront of your feet. Try going for a run barefoot and you’ll experience this yourself—your heels will barely touch the ground. In contrast, most running shoes will cause you to land on your heels in a way that won’t only slow you down but will inevitably lead to knee and back pain.

Shoes, of course, do serve a purpose. They keep your feet cleaner and drier than bare feet, not to mention being useful when there’s a sharp rock or nail under foot.

So what’s an athlete to do? Get a pair of running shoes with a design that mimics the advantages of your bare feet. Here are our two favorite:

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The Umbrella That Plays With The Wind

Mary Poppins would not have gotten far with a Senz umbrella. Her umbrella, like yours probably, catches wind gusts and pulls whatever arm is holding onto the umbrella up and away. And if the wind gust is strong enough it will turn the normal umbrella inside out.

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The Watch That Doesn’t Seem Like It Shows The Time

Wearing a Nooka watch you spend a lot of time hoping a stranger will approach you asking what time it is. That way you can pull up your shirt sleeve, twist your wrist around to show them your watch and then see a wonderful, bewildered expression appear on the stranger’s face.

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The Normal Wristwatch And Wall Clock

Sometimes cool design is also simple. That’s the case with the “Normal” wristwatch and wall clock from designer Ross McBride. The hour, minute and second hands open a sliver view of the watch face, revealing the time. These cool timepieces are available in both black and white.


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Georg Jensen Voyage Passport Holder

Ruggedness and smart design meet in this passport holder from the Norwegian online store Dansk Design. The sleek stainless steel exterior keeps a passport safe from harm. But what’s really cool is the card slot — it’s located at the top of the passport holder making it easy to slide out your ID or credit card.


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O-Ring Digi Watch

From Fossil and designer Phillipe Starck comes the O-Ring Digi Watch. In a ring shaped display, the hours are displayed as numbers while the minutes are displayed in segments. As time goes by, the segments build making a complete ring every hour. The center is completely see through and the pushed is located on the case back to create this sleek styling. Comes in black and gray. $110


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