Fun Drawer Sets for Kids

Fun Drawer Sets for Kids

With respect to the philosophy held by those tiger mothers amongst our readers, childhood should be fun. Kids’ bedrooms should be fun too. Here are three unusual and creative dressers spotted by our editors:

Training Dresser

The Training Dresser by Washington state designer Peter Bristol is made mostly of maple plywood and a special ingredient: “Pacific Northwest fresh air.” The drawers are in the shape of what clothes they contain—shorts, socks, trousers and shirts. The idea is to teach organizational skills to toddlers, though we know several college students who could seemingly benefit from this dresser’s training too.


Cool Drawer Sets for Kids: Training Dresser Follow Me on Pinterest

Cool Drawer Sets for Kids: Training Dresser Follow Me on Pinterest

Sobey Dresser & Boom! Cabinet

Cool & Unusual Kids Drawers: Boom! Cabinet Follow Me on Pinterest Canadian artist Judson Beaumont looks at cartoons to find inspiration for his wooden furniture designs. That—along with his “If you can draw and design it, you can build it” philosophy—leads to some cool, child-friendly furniture creations. Among Beaumont’s drawer sets we are especially enamored with the Bookm Cabinet (pic to the right) and the Sobey Dresser (shown below). The later will set you back US$16,250. For $16,000 less than that we suggest Beaumont’s excellent What’s Next? coffee table picture book.

See more of Judson Beaumont’s furniture creations at Straight Line Designs.


Cool & Unusual Kids Drawers: Sobey  Dresser Follow Me on Pinterest

published: 27 Jun 2010

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    June 28th, 2011at 5:06 am(#)

    The first drawer is pretty cool and very intuitive. So no more socks everywhere! :) I agree it’s good for students too!

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