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Bedroom Design
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Pillaging. Plundering. Wearing baggy pants. Arr, there’s good inspiration for a bedroom. Or so though thought Steve Kuhl, founder of the aptly-named Kuhl Design & Build remodeling company based in Minnesota, who had the task of creating a dream bedroom.

The design theme Kuhl and his client decided on: pirates!

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3 Recycled, Reclaimed
Flooring Materials

Spot Cool Stuff loves upcycling—the process of taking used materials and converting them into an item of higher value. In the past we’ve featured fabulous furniture made from old shopping carts and stylish sandals made from discarded tires. In this post, we check out three cool flooring materials made from items that in their first incarnation had nothing to do with flooring.

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Zip Yourself Into Bed

Instead of cleaning up a bedroom, some people throw their stray clothing into a closet.

Instead of organizing shelves and drawers, some people pile their belongings in the basement.

And instead of making their bed, some people get a Zip Bed.

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The Cool Cooling Fan Without Blades

Look up “fan” in the dictionary and here what you’ll see:

fan   |fan|
1. an apparatus with rotating blades that creates a current of air for cooling or ventilation.

So what do you call an object designed to create a current of air for cooling or ventilation that doesn’t use rotating blades?

Dyson, an English manufacturer of innovative products, has dubbed their bladeless fan to be an “air multiplier.”

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3 Luscious Lumens Lights

The Femme Fatale Pendant is the Rorschach test of cool lighting.

Lumens is our favorite source for modern lighting. The online store has all manner of high-end designer lights. They are also have hot deals on cool lights up to 40% off the retail price.

Here are three of our favorite lights at Lumens:

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The Bicycle Chain Wall Clock

Could you build a clock out of a nob, a single-gear motor and a bicycle chain?

That might seem like an impossible challenge of the sort only MacGyver could accomplish. Yet that’s exact what Andreas Dober managed with the Catena Wall Clock.

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Better Than A Box Spring

We aren’t sure exactly when the box spring was invented but it probably wasn’t too long after Homo sapiens stopped sleeping on cave floors. And for most of the time since the box spring has remained, well, like a box spring. Until Sleep Revolution made a better version.

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The Interactive Pod Beds
That Know Who You Are

Imagine a network of interactive multimedia beds—located in hotels and airport lounges around the world—that would automatically know your favorite music, your travel schedule and your television preferences.

Creating that network is the ambitious goal of Yoo-Pod Ltd. and their Somnus-Neu project, named after the ancient Roman god of sleep but billed as “the future of beds.” And with all of these beds’ high tech features it is easy to see why.

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