Thut Möbel Scissor Shelf Unit

When buying a shelf system you usually have to choose between good design and portability. Swiss designer Thut Möbel developed a shelf unit with both qualities. Collapsed the unit is a mere 24 cm (9.5″) tall. Expanded you set the distance between the six shelves at 33 cm (13″) or 28 cm (11″). Available in an untreated, black or natural wood finish.


Henry Air Purifier

Spot Cool Stuff loves to find well-designed versions of products that typically aren’t. Our latest find has a first name: Henry. This air purifier from Swiss designer Matti Walker caught our eye for it’s bold elongated teardrop look. Happily there’s exquisite function to match the form—the Henry purifies air through a highly effective five-stage process that includes a plasma generator, UV light treatment and a blast of cleansing negative ions. There’s also a fragrance holder.

The Henry can purifies air for a room that’s up to 250 square feet. And add style to a room that’s much larger than that.


Light Emitting Wallpaper

There are two cool things about the wallpaper from Dutch designer Jonas Samson:

First, when it is turned off it looks like normal wallpaper — stylish and sophisticated, with flowing floral patterns, but otherwise normal.

Second, this is the sort of wallpaper you can predicate with the phrase “when it is turned off.” When it is turned on light appears from behind the wallpaper as if by magic. The sensation it gives to a room is truly transforming. See more photos below:


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Local River

One piece going on display at Artists Space in New York City this month especially caught our eye. Local River is more than a flowerpot-and-aquarium-in-one. It is a symbiotic system: the fish feed off the plants, and the plants drink the water nutrient-rich with fish waste, which in turns purifies the water for the fish. Designers Mathieu Lehanneur and Anthony van den Bossche were inspired by the Locavores movement that encourages locally sustainable lifestyles. We like that Local River eliminates the need for us to feed the fish or clean the fish tank. Catch it at Artists Space from 25 April to 21 June 2008.

LEARN MORE: Mathieu Lehanneur | Artists Space

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Sphere Bed

Hollandia International touts its “Sleep Engineering Center” and emphasizes the restful nature of its beds. We wonder how much sleep one would actually get in the shagalicious Sphere Bed. This Sphere of Love includes pillow-side champagne holder, vanity mirror and romantic LED lights in the canopy. Ensconced in this red velvety world, you and your special someone can lay back on a plush mattress and turn on massage system. Oh, behave!


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