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10 Cool Sushi Products
You Can’t Eat

Any self-respecting sushi chef will tell you: Presentation is as important as taste to a superior sushi dish. That’s because sushi, in addition to being delicious, can also be artistic.

Here’s a look at some household items with a sushi design. None of these items are edible. But, if you are a fan of sushi, they will make you hungry:

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The 500 Colored Pencils of Felissimo
spot cool stuff DESIGN

You may have heard of the Beer of the Month Club, which sends its members a case of a different type of beer every month. There’s also a Cheese of the Month Club, a Flower of the Month Club, a Dinner & Movie of the Month Club, a Bowtie of the Month Club and many, many more.

Now, from the Japanese company Felissimo there’s something akin to a Colored Pencils of the Month Club. Though it is way cooler than that.

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9 Cool Home Aquariums

If your Fish Highway is not firmly secured you'll find yourself in a wet room having sushi for dinner.

Why does nearly every home aquarium have a simple round or rectangular design? As with chairs and lamps, aquariums are furnishings that can take on a variety of styles and shapes. Here are nine cool expamples:

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Shopping Cart Furniture

If architects can construct entire apartment buildings from used shipping containers and Thai monks can build a temple from discarded beer bottles then why can’t an artist create furniture from old shopping carts?

That perhaps is what self-described cross-media visual designer Ramón Coronado asked when he spent 12 weeks at his Los Angeles home creating his Mercado Negro collection.

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Cool Websites For Home Remodeling & Redecoration

Home remodeling and decoration has been part of owning a house for as long as there have been houses to own. (Even back in the caveman days we can imagine Mrs. Caveman working to remodel the fire pit area while Mr. Caveman sought to improve his spear storage area.) In today’s real estate market fixing up a current home is an especially desirable option when compared to the difficulties of selling your house and buying a new one.

Here are our favorite websites for finding a contractor, finding home remodeling inspiration and finding new home furnishings:

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Wallpaper In 3D

It looks more contemporary than wallpaper. It’s much easier to put up than wallpaper. It has 50% more dimensions than wallpaper. It is the Wall Flat from Inhabit.

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Elastic Bookshelves

As a school kid we used to play with rubber bands when bored in class. We like to imagine the Italian designer who thought of the Elastico Bookcase playing with rubber bands too and then getting a simple, inspired, idea:

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Fireplace In A Box

When sitting closed on a table the Firebo-x from Schulte looks like an elegant, yet otherwise ordinary, wooden box. Only the box’s metal base hints at what lays within: a miniature fireplace.

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