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Airplane Meal Service Trolleys
Land As Artsy Home Furnishings

Spot Cool Stuff previously wrote about an airline that was selling it’s in-flight meals in local grocery stores. But if that doesn’t sufficiently bring the airplane cuisine experience to your home, consider getting an artsy airline food cart from Bordbar.

Bordbar trolleys are, at their core, like those meal service carts used by airline flight attendants (on the dwindling number of flights that still have some semblance meal service). But Bordbar spruced them up in such a way that they are not only cool, but useful too.

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3 High-Design Cereal Bowls
For Kids

Toddlers eating cereal is a messy, often wet, affair. Bowls get dropped. Milk gets spilt. Cereal goes flying.

Here are three bowls that won’t break, might help your kids contain the mess and will always look cool:

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3 Luscious Lumens Lights

The Femme Fatale Pendant is the Rorschach test of cool lighting.

Lumens is our favorite source for modern lighting. The online store has all manner of high-end designer lights. They are also have hot deals on cool lights up to 40% off the retail price.

Here are three of our favorite lights at Lumens:

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Cool Websites For Home Remodeling & Redecoration

Home remodeling and decoration has been part of owning a house for as long as there have been houses to own. (Even back in the caveman days we can imagine Mrs. Caveman working to remodel the fire pit area while Mr. Caveman sought to improve his spear storage area.) In today’s real estate market fixing up a current home is an especially desirable option when compared to the difficulties of selling your house and buying a new one.

Here are our favorite websites for finding a contractor, finding home remodeling inspiration and finding new home furnishings:

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Wallpaper In 3D

It looks more contemporary than wallpaper. It’s much easier to put up than wallpaper. It has 50% more dimensions than wallpaper. It is the Wall Flat from Inhabit.

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Form Meets Function Meets Tea

At first glance, you would be forgiven for thinking that the Sorapot is a piece of elegant apparatus for some scientific experiment.

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