3 Cool, Crowdsourced Barbequing Utensils
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Regular readers might remember our review of the Quirky online store. What’s cool about Quirky is this: all the items sold on the site are conceived, designed and marketed through crowdsourcing. That is, groups of individuals gather on the website and collaborate to develop the products sold there. (It’s a fun, and potentially profitable, to take part—visit the site to learn more.)

Recently, Quirky started selling several cool items with a barbeque theme. The three that especially intrigued us were an all-in-one grilling utensil, an improved skewer and a two-tiered carry tray. Here’s our look at each:

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Colorful Colorful Joseph Joseph
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Bright colors, durable materials and smart designs come together in the selection of creative kitchenware produced by Joseph Joseph. The New York City-based company founded by twin brothers, Richard and Antony Joseph, makes all sorts of cool serving bowls, chopping boards, kitchen tools and food preparation items. Here’s our review of some of our favorites:

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Cool—and Functional—Kitchenware from Architec
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Durable, environmentally friendly and cool looking. Those are the first three adjectives that come to mind when we think of Architec Housewares, one of Spot Cool Stuff’s favorite designers of cookware.

What Architec’s hot pads, cutting boards and mixing bowls are best known for, though, are their non-slip properties. For cooks who have suffered our share of burns, cuts and spills this is no small thing.

A look at our three favorite Architec items:

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World’s Best Electric Kettle

If you haven’t used a Breville Variable Temperature Kettle you could be forgiven for thinking that all electric kettles were the same. If you have used a Breville then you already know the three qualities that make it the best on the electric kettle on the market:

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