World’s Best Electric Kettle

World’s Best Electric Kettle

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If you haven’t used a Breville Variable Temperature Kettle you could be forgiven for thinking that all electric kettles were the same. If you have used a Breville then you already know the three qualities that make it the best on the electric kettle on the market:

1) It is really good looking, sleek and sophisticated.

2) Nearly every other electric kettle will boil water and then shut completely off. The Breville Variable Temperature Kettle keeps your water at your desired temperature for 20 minutes. Which brings us to . . .

3) With the Breville you can set a kettle to heat your water to one of five brewing temperatures: 175° F (for green tea), 185° F (white tea), 195° F (oolong), 200° F (french press coffee) and boiling/212° F (for black tea, instant soups et al).

To make a perfect cup of tea most people know the importance of starting with high quality tea. There’s general awareness that the steeping time is important. But most people overlook the water temperature. If the water isn’t hot enough it won’t pull the full flavor from the tea leafs. If it’s too hot it will burn the tea leafs and make your tea bitter. Having the correct water temperature is even more important for French press coffee.

Tea Water Temperature Steep Time
  Green Tea 175° F (80° C) 1 ~ 3 minutes
  White Tea 185° F (85° C) 4 ~ 8 minutes
  Oolong Tea 190° F (88° C) 1 ~ 8 minutes (depending on type)
  French Press Coffee 200° F (93° C) 3 ~ 4 minutes
  Black Tea Rolling Boil (212° F, 100° C) 3 ~ 5 minutes
  Herbal (tisanes) Rolling Boil 5 ~ 8 minutes

So get yourself a Breville Variable Temperature Kettle, fix yourself a cuppa and drink to perfection.


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  1. Mike says:

    February 28th, 2013at 6:55 pm(#)

    Hi ,
    Great post,
    Green Tea 175° !!! OMG :D
    I highly recommend to every one to buy as fast as possible an Electric Kettle..
    Its sooo faast .
    I have one but never thought to use it like this too
    Thank you very much
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